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Memory Alpha Launches With New Trailer, "The Truth"!

To mark the launch of our Memory Alpha portal, we're releasing a new trailer for The Romulan War. The trailer, titled "The Truth", introduces us to Kovallus, the last surviving official of the Romulan spy agency who is currently living out his final days on Deep Space Nine. Now that the Tal'Shiar is gone, Romulus is gone, and he himself is about to die from a fatal illness, Kovallus decides to reveal the truth about why his people went to war with Earth and why they ultimately signed a treaty to end the conflict.

"The Truth" is just one of the exclusive features available through our Memory Alpha portal on our website Memory Alpha can only be accessed by TRW backers of $10 or more through Indiegogo. Other "secret files" on Memory Alpha include behind-the-scenes photos, storyboards, special fx tests, and detailed guides to the ships, maps, and worlds of our film. We also will be releasing our audiobook series "War Crimes" as well as more trailers like "The Truth" exclusively to members of Memory Alpha.

To find out about more about Memory Alpha and all the other perks available to our backers - including the chance to actually be in the film - go visit our Indiegogo page!

Our crowdsourcing campaign is ending soon and we need your help to hit our fundraising goal and keep Star Trek fan films thriving! Please contribute!

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