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The Romulans Have Come for the MACOs in "Hunting Grounds" Webisode!

We've released a new audio drama which ties into The Romulan War: A Star Trek Fan Production.

Hunting Grounds chronicles the Battle of Terra Nova in 2158 when Romulan warships attack the colony and land a division of armored shock troops which set out to hunt down and kill the MACO defense forces one by one in a game of cat and mouse. Before long, the MACO's, who are vastly outmanned and outgunned, realize that the colonists are not the Romulans' target... they are.

The story is told through the log entries of the colony's leader Jamin (seen in ENT "Terra Nova") and MACO sergeant Anderson Le (who would eventually transform into 'Manas' from Star Trek: Beyond). It is a sequel of sorts to the first-season ENT episode "Terra Nova," in which Captain Archer and crew re-discover the long-lost human colony which is populated by sick "Novans" who believe Earth had tried to poison them and their ancestors generations ago.

While the "Terra Nova" episode was always pretty minor in the overall run of Enterprise, I was always intrigued by the idea of Earth's first extrasolar colony and what would have happened to the people there after Archer and crew saved them and cured them of their disease. Would Jamin and his Novans stayed cut off from Earth after they learned their human cousins were not "poisoners" or would they have restored diplomatic relations? And how would that uneasy new relationship have been tested by the arrival of the Romulans?

For the Romulans' part, when they discover the presence of the MACO's on Terra Nova, they want to see what Earth's "elite" fighting forces are made of. Up to this point in the war, the Romulans have shredded Starfleet's navy and nuked the humans' cities with very little effort and Terra Nova gives the Romulans a chance for some real hand-to-hand combat against their enemy.

"Hunting Grounds" features voice actors James Kaylor as Jamin and Kyle Geary as Sgt. Anderson Le. Trekyards' Samuel Cockings delivered some custom special effects shots for the video edition of the episode, which also includes detailed LCARS graphics about the "history" of the characters and settings used in the story.

By the way, the audio version of this story has some extra audio content that the video does not, so enjoy both versions to get the full experience. The rest of our War Stories episodes are also uploaded to our YouTube channel, so check those out if you haven't already. Oh and we have a short clip in our "Planetary Database" which is an infodump on the Terra Nova colony.

And just a reminder that yes, The Romulan War: A Star Trek Fan Production is still accepting contributions on Indiegogo! Part One is still in post-production and will be released in the coming months.

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