As faster warp speeds were being achieved throughout the 2140’s, a new economic boom developed. With more ships, people, and goods moving across the stars, Earth would need fully-equipped, self-sufficient facilities to service and protect Earth ships, crews, and travelers. To meet those needs, Starfleet Command requested and received funding from the UE Parliament for the Starbase Development Project (“SBDP”) in 2148.

The SBDP approved three “Starbase-class facilities” located in strategic areas along the Alpha/Beta Quadrant border. Two of these new starbases would be orbital stations and one would be a terrestrial base, all designed by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. Construction on the orbital stations began at the Luna Shipyards, where the stations’ frames were built around the hull assemblies of Pioneer-class colonial transports which had been retired from active service for nearly half a century. Meanwhile, the Earth Cargo Service was organizing convoys which would deliver the major base components and materials to their new homes.

Various controversies over the locations of Starbase One (“Salem”) and Starbase Two (“Ashoka”) plagued the SBDP. Two years after construction began, voters across the Alpha Centauri Concordium of Planets overwhelmingly rejected the location of “an Earth military base in Concordium space.” Starfleet scrambled to find a new location and in the end, Salem Station would be placed in orbit of a class-M planet in the Berengaria system. Ashoka Station, which was originally to be located at Wolf 359 would now be at a neutral region of space near Ross 164, which was adjacent to Andorian and Vulcan space. The location of Starbase Three at Deneva was never in doubt and it ended up being the first facility that was fully-operational.

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