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2049-2053 : World War III 

This nuclear cataclysm between Earth’s major nation-states resulted in the death of some 600 million humans, leaving many of the planet's major cities and governments in ruins.


2063 (5 April) : First Contact

Humanity makes its first warp flight and makes First Contact when Zefram Cochrane builds and launches his ship, the Phoenix. Humans discover they're not alone in the universe when they make contact with a peaceful alien race known as the Vulcans.


2064-2069 : The Reformation

Diplomatic and technological exchanges between Earth and the Vulcans begin, including a process to clean up the atomic radiation left over from WWIII. Humans form the United Earth government, followed by the United Earth Space Probe Agency. UESPA’s first project, with help from the Vulcans, is to launch an interstellar flight.


2070 : First Human Colony Outside the Solar System 

The United Earth Space Probe Agency launches humanity’s first interstellar starship, the S.S. Conestoga, to the planet Terra Nova with 200 colonists onboard. It will take them nine years to reach the planet, which is 20 light-years from Earth.


2070-2130 : The Colonial Period

Zephram Cochrane brings private industry and government agencies together to colonize other worlds using his new warp engine, which he can now mass produce. As UESPA coordinates infrastructure projects like Spacedock and the Utopia Planitia settlement on Mars, a whole tourist and mining industry on Earth’s moon begins to spring up thanks to public/private investments. These massive public works projects and others are what enable Earth’s nations to finally come out of the global economic depression that has existed since WWIII. Over a period of six decades, despite the presence of a diplomatic delegation on Earth, the only Vulcan contributions to the humans' renaissance is scientific assistance in the development in gravity plating and subspace radio for Earth ships.


2080 : Contact with Terra Nova is lost. The destiny of these people will stay unresolved until 2151.


2090 : T'Pol, daughter of T'Las, is born on Vulcan.


2099 : The Cochrane Expedition. Led by Zefram Cochrane, the colonization of Alpha Centauri finally begins. It is the largest single exodus of humans from Earth as over 20,000 people are loaded on to a fleet of ships equipped with state--of-the-art industrial replicators and massive terraforming equipment to make Alpha III more hospitable to human life.


2103 : After two decades of political unrest with the United Earth government, the Fundamental Declarations of the Martian Colonies is adopted by the citizens of Mars. Despite being a united “one Mars” government, the red planet is a sovereign state which is independent of United Earth. It will remain that way until 2137, when Martian citizens agree to unify with Earth in exchange for aid in terraforming the planet.


2110 : The Earth Cargo Authority and the ECS are formed to regulate civilian trade among Earth and its colonies.


2112 : Jonathan Archer is born on Earth.


2119 : The Warp Five Project is launched by Zefram Cochrane and Henry Archer.


2130 : Creation of Starfleet

Combining the various national space agencies and government bureaucracies, United Earth Starfleet Command is chartered to become the singular organization for deep-space exploration, diplomacy, scientific research, and border defense. Early Starfleet projects over the next two decades include the construction of the Lunaport test facility and Ganymede station, shepherding the colonial expeditions to Altair and Deneva, and a deep space communications network to connect the colony worlds. Several new experimental starship designs are commissioned by Starfleet to achieve faster speeds, including the spherical primary hull design on the Daedalus-class and the "half-saucer" design used in the Intrepid and Einstein-class starships.


2131 : First Contact with Denobula-Triaxa.


2143 : Humans break the Warp 5 barrier when Commander A.G. Robinson pilots the NX-Alpha and is followed by the NX-Beta flight of Commander Jonathan Archer. Despite a successful test, the results are not able to be replicated outside of the NX test vehicle, which can only accomodate a few passengers.

2147: The starship Franklin, boasting the new "C-saucer" design, becomes the first fully-crewed Earth vessel to reach Warp 4.

‘ENTERPRISE’ Season 1 Begins


2151 (16 April) : First Contact with the Klingon Empire.


2151 (April) : Launch of the NX-01 Enterprise, United Earth’s first warp five starship under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer.


2151 : In this one year, Captain Archer’s Enterprise makes First Contact with 12 other species including the Suliban, the Coridans, the Axanar, and the Andorians.


2152 : Captain Archer continues his mission of exploration and makes First Contact with 11 new species, including a less than pleasant encounter with the Romulans in the Unroth system.


2153 (March) : First Contact with the Tellarites, who eventually become charter members of the Coalition of Planets.


2153 (June) : The Xindi attack Earth. Florida, Cuba, and Venezuela are devastated in a few seconds by a thermal ray. Seven million humans are killed - among them is Trip Tucker's sister.


2154 (January) : The Battle of Azati Prime between Enterprise and Xindi forces. The ship is saved although in ruins and more than 20 crew members are killed.


2154 (February) : Peace between Humans and Xindis after the renegade Insectoid and Reptilian Xindi forces are defeated in orbit of Earth.


2154 (September) : Launch of the NX-02 Columbia. Starfleet’s second warp-five starship is under the command of Captain Erika Hernandez. Four more NX-class vessels, all named after the American space shuttles of the 20th century, will be commissioned over the next three years.


2154 (November) : Syrrannite crisis, Vulcan civil war. The Vulcan High Command, under the V'Las administration, wants to stop the second Surak's awakening, and tries to instigate war with the Andorian Empire.


2155 (January) : After resolving the Terra Prime crisis, Captain Archer and UE Prime Minister Nathan Samuels move forward on negotiations to form a new interstellar alliance – the Coalition of Planets – for mutual aid, defense, and trade.


‘ENTERPRISE’ Season 4 Ends


The Events of 'THE ROMULAN WAR' Begin!

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