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On September 26, 2155 Prime Minister NATHAN SAMUELS appeared before United Earth Parliament to formerly request a Declaration of War against the Romulan Star Empire.

The transcript of his remarks are as follows:

Madame Speaker and distinguished members of Parliament: 

Four days ago, a deliberate act of unprovoked aggression and terror against the people of Earth was committed by the so-called ‘Romulan Star Empire’ at Berengaria VII. Without warning, without cause, and without mercy these faceless cowards murdered thousands of our countrymen and then broadcast boasts of their treachery. I regret to report that this savagery was not an isolated incident. Yesterday, all contact was lost with Prometheus station and two civilian Earth ships operating in the Calder system.

While we will continue to establish formal communications with these Romulans to understand their motives and peacefully resolve this conflict, it is foolish and potentially catastrophic to assume that those efforts will succeed. Acting on the recommendations of the Security Council along with Admiral Black and General Casey, I have put forth a military readiness plan to modernize and fortify both the homeguard defense of the Solar System and to give our space agencies the tools they need to properly execute military operations as the need arises.

As your Prime Minister and commander in chief of our armed forces, I ask you to support a Declaration of War against the Romulan Star Empire which has been drafted and ratified by the United Earth Security Council. We have all learned over the last decade what can happen when we are not prepared for the harsh realities of this Age of Exploration we are in.

There will be many challenges facing us in the days ahead. Never before has the human race faced such an existential threat to our way of life and surviving it will take sacrifice by all of us. As we have seen, our adversaries possess the ability to cause mass destruction and have no hesitation to use it. We must, all of us, rise to our own common defense. Whether it’s volunteering your time, reducing your energy or food consumption, or joining our space agencies to take the fight to the enemy, all will be asked to join in the war effort in some capacity. The defense of our home planet is not optional. All of us have a role to play and all of us will be expected to play those roles until such time as this bloodthirsty enemy is defeated.

Thank you and may God protect the peoples of Earth wherever they may be.

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