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Just the FX, man

Did you know that part 1 of The Romulan War: A Star Trek Fan Production has approximately 142 special effects shots in it? That's not even including the composited greenscreen shots our actors are in and it doesn't count the dozen or so custom shots we've done for our various webisodes and "War Crimes" audio dramas.

142. That's more than in any Star Trek fan film that's been produced so far and probably more than you'll find in a full season of TOS or early TNG. Then again, I haven't actually counted those so feel free to do it and prove me wrong... if you can.

None of this would have been possible without our VFX producer Samuel Cockings and his amazing team who worked around the clock to deliver pro-quality shots for our little indie fan film. If you've wondered how our process works and what goes into the making of our big-bang shots on a low budget, check out this video - the latest in a series of behind-the-scenes videos you can find on our YouTube channel.

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