K class

By the 2150's, there were over 220 ships under contract by the Earth Cargo Service Authority roaming the stars along the Alpha/Beta Quadrant border. The ECS fleet supplied the human colonies, delivered private passengers, seeded the space lanes with communication relays, and traded with alien species like the Orions and the Rigellians. The "K-class" freighter (named after the legendary Kobayashi Maru), could reach a top speed of warp 4.5, making the K's the fastest civilian craft of its era.

ELITE class

By 2155, the shipyards at Alpha and Proxima Centauri were the leading producer of civilian spacecraft in Sector 002. The Elite Observer, a popular civilian ship by Cochrane Industries, was a renowned pleasure craft used to ferry diplomats, scientists, and tourists across the human colonies. After a devastating Romulan assault on the Centauri cluster, the Elites were discontinued and eventually faded into obscurity. One of the rare Elites was personally preserved by Hannah Cochrane and is on display at the Starfleet Museum's Proxima Annex.

KUMARI class

The Kumari-class battlecruiser had a standard crew complement of 86 and was the primary ship-of-the line in the Andorian Imperial Guard. While the Kumaris were equipped with deflector shields, the hull was vulnerable when shields were down because it lacked polarized hull plating. The Kumari-class ships utilized stolen Vulcan technology in their computer operating systems, which made them susceptible to the Romulans' telecapture weaponry.

PHINDA class

The Phinda-class heavy cruiser was the pride of the Tellarite Star Navy, though they were largely ineffective in combat operations during the war due to their vulnerability to the Romulans' remote hijacking device. The Phindas were highly maneuverable, however and were instrumental in destroying an enemy carrier at the Battle of Cheron.

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