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Starfleet's first and only "battleship", the Yorktowns began construction in secret at the Ganymede Yards in the wake of the Xindi assault on Earth in 2154. There were seven ships in the class and all were capable of warp 7. Major innovations included deflector screens, pulsed-phase cannons, and a point-defense and x-ray laser grid to thwart the Romulans' atomic munitions. The new duo-analog systems made the Yorktowns immune to Romulan stealth and telecapture technologies.
Notable Ships of the Line:
Yorktown, Missouri, Potemkin, Yamato, Constitution

NX class

NX-class starships served as the flagships for Starfleet Command's joint task forces throughout the Earth-Romulan War. By the end of the conflict, only two out of seven NX's had survived. The most famous NX-class ship, Enterprise, underwent a refit in 2159 after its near destruction at Galorndon Core. The NX refit reached warp 6 and its design inspired the short-lived Columbia-class, which was named after Enterprise's sister ship which was lost with all hands that same year.

Notable Ships of the Line:
Enterprise, Columbia, Challenger, Discovery, Endeavour


The Daedalus class had been a workhorse in the United Earth Space Probe Agency for nearly two decades before the war began, primarily delivering supplies and terraforming equipment to Earth colonies. Their simple, modular design allowed Earth to build them at nearly triple the speed of an NX class ship. After Alpha Centauri, nine Daedalus-class vessels were refit with IPBM tubes to deliver nuclear payloads.

Notable Ships of the Line:

Essex, Hornet, Tennessee, Wasp, Arizona, Archon


Before the war, Intrepid-class light cruisers typically ran picket duty in the Sol system or were assigned to escort convoys on the Terra Nova or Tau Ceti routes. The outbreak of war brought much-needed upgrades to the ships' weapon packages, but by the end of the conflict, only three Intrepids had survived. While the class was retired in 2162, its legacy was honored with a relaunch in the late 24th century.

Notable Ships of the Line:
Intrepid, Pioneer, Sirius, Republic


After breaking the Warp 4 barrier, Freedom-class light cruisers were manufactured exclusively for MACO's training and special operations divisions. When war broke out, they were conscripted for Starfleet service and designated as "courier ships" which carried troops, intelligence operatives, and field commanders. The "Freedom Fighters" also pioneered the use of phased-pulse cannons which were improved upon for use by the Yorktown-class battleships.

Notable Ships of the Line:

Franklin, Kennedy, Armstrong, Yeager, Copernicus

DELTA class

The Delta-class has the distinction of being the only Starfleet ship to serve in two wars. In addition to their role as an escort ship during the Romulan conflict, the Deltas first served during the Kzinti Wars when United Earth Starfleet Command was chartered. While unable to hit the higher warp speeds of the rest of the fleet, the Deltas are maneuverable and pack a punch.

Notable Ships of the Line:

Jupiter, Achilles, Thor, Hera, Perseus, Crusader


Before the war, Einstein-class ships were science vessels running experiments or charting stellar phenomena. During wartime, the Einsteins ran escort duty on the Alpha Centauri and Deneva routes. The Einsteins were slow, easy targets for Romulan destroyers and Admiral Black reassigned them to deploy communication relays and as mobile field hospitals.

Notable Ships of the Line:
Einstein, Kelvin, Fahrenheit, Hawking, Magellan, Fontana


After the attack on Salem Station, when the Intrepid and Delta class ships were deployed to the front lines, the Poseidon Design Team had to quickly design a new class of ship for picket defense of the Sol System. A "kit bash" of components from other ships resulted in the Poseidon design which, while slow, was heavily armed with photonic torpedoes. Due to their limited speed (max wf 3.5), the Poseidons saw little action, though they did participate with Red Squadron on the attack of the Forge in the winter of 2157.

Notable Ships of the Line:

Ajax, Zeus, Poseidon, Coto, Athena, Miranda


The Pioneer-class transports were brought out of mothballs for service in the war effort. These massive behemoths were over 70 years old and were former colony ships from the famed Cochrane Expedition. Only five Pioneers were able to pass a preliminary inspection before they were refitted with new warp engines and hull plating. In the evacuation of Alpha Centauri, the unarmed Pioneer-class hospital ship Nightingale was spotted by a Romulan patrol and destroyed, killing over 2,200 refugees.

Notable Ships of the Line:

Nightingale, Midway, Kitty Hawk, Olympus Mons, John Carter

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