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We Beat Our $11K Stretch Goal!

Updated: Jun 6, 2018

Thanks to some amazing last-minute donors, "The Romulan War" has hit (and surpassed) our Stretch Goal of $11,000! The Stretch Goal was implemented after we made our $10K goal 24 hours earlier.

It's official: The Romulan War is the first crowdsourced Star Trek fan film to raise over $10,000 since the fan film guidelines were implemented two years ago!

Between the guidelines and the return of real Star Trek to television, there's been some concern about whether Trek fan films were still capable of getting proper funding through crowdsourcing. But our supporters have put those concerns to rest once and for all!

Thanks to all 115 of the "Romulan Warriors" who funded us on Indiegogo! We'll have a big announcement shortly about the next phase of our campaign.

- Mark

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Jun 10, 2018


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