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"Intruders": A New Romulan War Comic!

Updated: Sep 6, 2019

In a perfect world, The Romulan War: A Star Trek Fan Production would have had a large enough budget to allow us to tell all the different stories of the TRW saga on film. But it wasn't meant to be, so we're exploring different storytelling formats like audio dramas and online comics to tell our various "War Stories" which connect to the film (releasing in 2019).

Intruders is a four-page comic story which flips the script on the perspective of the war and features art by my fellow Nashvillian, artist Frank Hand. Even though Intruders stands on its own as a short story, it is a sequel to the last comic we did, Holocaust.

Intruders tells the story of a scientist who misses the love of his life and will do anything he can to protect her. Here's a couple of tidbits to think about after you've read the comic:

  • The Romulan ship we see leaving Altair at the end of Holocaust is Ketius' ship - the one that's eventually disabled by Starfleet in Intruders. Which means we now know the types of things that motivated the Romulan scientists like Ketius to conduct the gruesome experiments on the humans at Altair.

  • If Ketius didn't blow up his ship at the end of Intruders, the Starfleet boarding party would have reported what the Romulans looked like or they'd have taken him prisoner. So really... Ketius' self-sacrifice is what prevents Earth from knowing what the Romulans' true appearance (and bloodline) is.

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed Intruders -- stay tuned for more "War Stories" like this one!

- Mark

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