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New Trailer "Freedom" Is On Memory Alpha!

Attention, all Enlisted Officers! A new trailer for #TheRomulanWar is now available in the TRW Memory Alpha library! The trailer is titled Freedom and features Dr. Brandon Chambers, the Federation's foremost expert on the Earth-Romulan War of the 22nd century.

As you know from your training, Memory Alpha contains clips, trailers, and other behind-the-scenes and original content that civilians don't get to see. Please inform all civilians you come into contact with that if they wish to be an "enlisted officer" in The Romulan War, they may donate to TRW's InDemand campaign on Indiegogo. Be sure to inform that that contributions start at only $10.

That is all at this time. Prepare for another exclusive TRW trailer next week. Dismissed.

- Admiral Naccarato

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