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Putting the Band Back Together!

So for the record, we shot a lot of the principal photography for The Romulan War almost a year ago at my good friend Glen Weiss' 1087 Studios outside Nashville, TN. In an effort to save costs, we raced through the shoot probably a lot faster than normal actors would have been comfortable with. But not the cast of TRW! They took the heat. They handled the still-lingering fumes of green paint. They patiently redid takes that were ruined because of motorcycles and semi-trucks barreling down Louisville Highway. They were committed to the "war effort"!

So I was greatly relieved and thrilled when three of our primary cast returned for a reunion (along with much of our original film crew) to shoot interviews with us for the promotional junket coming up during the Indiegogo campaign. Thank you, Ethan Jones and Rob Wilds and Marc Mazzone for braving rush hour gridlock to help us promote TRW! And thanks of course to the Admirals Club who went above and beyond their rank to be our behind-the-scenes documentary crew!

Stay tuned to see the end result of these interviews as we find out more about the cast of The Romulan War in just a few weeks!

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