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Stretch Goal to Film NEW "Romulan War" Footage in Australia!

Romulan Warriors, I have some exciting news to tell you about!

One of my fellow fan filmmakers, Aaron Vanderkley, has agreed to shoot some additional footage for The Romulan War: A Star Trek Fan Production, but we need your help to "make it so"!

Based in Perth, Australia, Aaron has delivered a series of amazing ENT-era fan films over the last two years and now he is bringing his experience and his team to help us with some second-unit photography for scenes and opticals which were written but weren’t budgeted for in our original campaign.

We are so grateful that Aaron has stepped up to help make it happen, but in order for us to pull it off, we need to raise some more funds to make sure that his team and our fx team have what they need to make the new shots work.

Since we’re now “In Demand” on Indiegogo, we are announcing a new Stretch Goal to try and reach $14,000 so that Aaron and his crew can film --

  • Shots of a crowd which will populate a major scene that takes place on Romulus!

  • A close-quarters firefight between Romulan centurions and Starfleet MACO’s on a planet and on a starship!

  • The last logs from Deneva Station, which is under heavy siege by Romulan forces!

There are some other surprises planned, but we need our past donors and new supporters to step up and help us get the funding we need to add these extra touches to The Romulan War.

Contributors during this Stretch Goal campaign of $40 or more will receive a set of eight "digital lobby cards” that can be downloaded and printed. The lobby card set (along with access to our Memory Alpha archive and getting your name listed on the film’s website & credits) is only available for a limited time.

If you donate at a higher level during the Stretch Goal campaign, we'll include the Lobby Card set as well, so please consider giving again or asking the Trekker (or independent film fan) in your life to help us deliver the goods on The Romulan War!

Thanks and don’t forget to take a look at our first two “War Stories” audio drama episodes if you haven’t already – we think you’ll enjoy them!

- Mark

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