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The Admirals Have Arrived @ NIFF!

In only quasi-related Star Trek news, I wanted to give a shout out and a hearty CONGRATS to two of the "admirals" of The Romulan War who screened their (non-Trek, non sci-fi) independent films at the Nashville Independent Film Festival over the weekend.

Elvis Wilson screened his thriller Fogg on Thursday, followed by Bob Giordano's psychological thriller The Odds which screened on Friday night to a sold-out crowd at the Regal Hollywood 27.

Elvis Wilson, Bob Giordano, Mark Naccarato

Elvis is a fixture in the Nashville independent film community and graciously lent his considerable talents and expertise as a camera operator on TRW's principal photography last summer and his film has won multiple awards at festivals over the last year.

Bob was the man who was there when I first conceived of TRW over a decade ago and before that, Bob collaborated with me on some Trek stories which I pitched to Bryan Fuller at Star Trek: Voyager back in the 90's (I almost made a sale, but... not). Bob's taught screenwriting classes at Watkins Film School and is past president of the Tennessee Screenwriting Association, where he has given slackers and hippies heartburn for years by demanding they write their scripts with solid story structure and character arcs that make sense. Bob's first feature-length film The Odds has just gotten out onto the festival circuit and it's been racking up accolades and festival awards on everything from screenplay to acting to directing.

Both Bob and Elvis have been part of the "Admirals Club" (The Romulan War's brain trust and street team) since the beginning of our Indiegogo launch and I just wanted to congratulate the both of them for the success they are having on their films. I also want to say thanks to them for the fact that no matter how busy they are, they still find the time to help me out on whatever I throw at them with TRW.

So cheers to Admirals Giordano and Wilson! If you get a chance to catch their films someday at a festival or a streaming site near you, they are both worth a look!

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