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"The End" Is Here!

We're done with the final touches on a new #TheRomulanWar trailer which is now available exclusively to our backers in the Memory Alpha library!

This trailer, titled "The End" features the character of Hannah Cochrane (played by Katherine Morgan). Hannah is a descendant of the legendary Zephram Cochrane and she examines the breakthroughs in science and technology that occurred during the Earth-Romulan War era of the 22nd century. Take a look!

Remember... Memory Alpha contains clips, trailers, and other behind-the-scenes and original content that civilians don't get to see. Fans can still donate to TRW's InDemand campaign on Indiegogo and get exclusive, first-look access to all things TRW!

Stay tuned for a major announcement coming next week about a new partner who has signed on to help us out!

- Admiral Naccarato

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