• Mark Naccarato

The Trials of "War"...

As the weather gets hotter and hotter here in Tennessee, I flashed back to a sweltering weekend in July last year for the first shoot of The Romulan War.

We shot scenes with several of our actors at 1087 Studios outside of Nashville and it was hot as Vulcan that weekend! Luckily, the AC unit only crapped out once, but we barely noticed because we were all buzzed from the green paint fumes! It was all part of the sacrifice we made for "the war"! If I had any complaint about that weekend, it was all the damn semi-trucks and motorcycles racing down the highway running in front of the studio. We spent a lot of time re-shooting because of busted audio, but my good pal and owner of the studio Glen Weiss made it all bearable.

Anyway, here's a slideshow from that weekend that includes actors Ethan Jones, Rob Wilds, Jeff Allen, Marc Mazzone, Katherine Morgan and our fearless crew - Denise Kerlikowske, Elvis Wilson, Aubrey Erin, Sheri DiGiovanna and my daughter Sophie.


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