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New TRW Indiegogo Perks for Treklantans!

I'm excited to announce that my first Trek convention appearance for The Romulan War will be at Treklanta over Memorial Day weekend!

Even more exciting are the TWO NEW PERKS we're offering through Indiegogo that are going to be available exclusively to "Treklantans"!

From Friday through Monday, attendees at Treklanta will be eligible for our Comms Officer perk for backing TRW at the $40 level. There are only 25 of these perks available and here's what Comms Officers get:

Our film needs voices for communications chatter and bit parts for "declassified reports" that will be on our website. Comms Officers receive a script and basic instructions and then send us back a digital file. You will receive credit in the film, on the website, access to Memory Alpha, and a custom Comms Officer certificate.

We also have a new Vice-Admiral perk at the $400 level. There are only five of these available and here's what our Vice-Admirals get:

Here's your chance to actually BE in a Star Trek fan film! We send you a short script and instructions and you meet with the director (via call, Skype, etc.) to cover character, costuming, and filming. You film your footage and send it to us. For more information on how we handle performance perks, visit The Exchange on our website.

Both the Comms Officer and the Vice-Admiral perks are only available to attendees at Treklanta at this time and I will be talking about them at the panels I am on Friday and Saturday (see their website under "programming").

If you're not able to go to Treklanta... don't worry! There's still plenty of other perks still available if you want to back The Romulan War on Indiegogo.

I'm looking forward to meeting my fellow Trekkers and hopefully some of our backers over the Memorial Day weekend in Atlanta. See you... out there!

- Mark

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