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TRW Behind-the-Scenes: Mark Payton

A bunch of great artists have been lending their time and talent to The Romulan War: A Star Trek Fan Production and one of those people is graphic artist (and writer) Mark Payton.

I was introduced to Mark through a fellow fan film maker last year. Mark's a veteran and his can-do attitude along with his complete love for Star Trek has played a part in pushing our story forward.

Mark produced the cover art for They Want Us Dead - an audio short story which is part of TRW's War Stories series and ties in to the events of our film (coming in 2019).

Mark shows us the step-by-step process on creating the TWUD artwork in this video he's posted on Facebook... check it out! Mark's also written a fan fiction story, The Inverness Revision, which takes place in Alec Peters' Axanar universe.

Thanks Mark for volunteering to produce such great work for TRW! Your hard work and support for TRW is greatly appreciated! Live long and prosper!

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