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"War Stories" - a Romulan War Audio Drama Series - Launches With First Two Episodes!

While production continues on The Romulan War: A Star Trek Fan Production, Mindcrime Entertainment has launched a new audio drama series called War Stories which takes place using the settings and characters of TRW.

The first episode of the audio series (which premiered to Indiegogo backers before it was released to the public) is titled "Sleep Is Hard to Find" - a two-part story written by independent filmmaker Robert Giordano and performed by Drew Dunlop. "Sleep" is the account of Admiral Colin Varro as he investigates what happened to the Earth Cargo Ship Clarion after it fled the Romulans' attack on Deneva Station. At first, it appears that the survivors of the Clarion died due to an equipment malfunction on their lifeboat. But as Varro examines the scene more closely, he isn't so sure. Did the crew of the Clarion die at the hands of the Romulans... or was it something else?

Episode writer Robert Giordano is a writer/director based in Nashville, Tennessee. Bob's recent independent film, The Odds, is racking up awards at film festivals and screenplay competitions across the country and is set for overseas distribution in 2018. Bob is a lifelong Trek fan and wrote "Sleep Is Hard to Find" as part of an outreach project to produce audio drama scripts by up-and-coming writers that take place in the world of The Romulan War.

"I’ve always had a fascination with noir fiction and films, as well as a good war yarn," Bob says. "This was a fantastic opportunity to mix all these elements into a slightly different side of the Trek universe. Who knows... if the response is positive, perhaps we will see more of Special Inspector Varro as his explorations take him through the darker side of Federation history."

Nashville-based actor Drew Dunlop is the performer for "Sleep Is Hard to Find." Drew is a veteran of the local stage and has appeared in dozens of independent films and commercials and he writes as well. This is Drew's first Star Trek or fan film related project.

To listen to "Sleep Is Hard to Find", stream from the TRW Soundcloud page.

A video version is available exclusively to "officers" through The Romulan War's Indiegogo campaign.

More audio dramas tied into TRW's universe will be released over the next several months.

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