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That's a Wrap for Samuel Cockings & the FX Team for Part 1!

I am pleased to report that our VFX guru, Samuel Cockings, is officially "wrapped" on Part 1 of The Romulan War: A Star Trek Fan Production!

Samuel and his team have been working hard for almost two years on TRW while juggling other projects and the wait was worth it! Even though a lot of Samuel's work has already appeared in the various TRW trailers and webisodes the best is yet to come in the film itself!

If you want to get another glimpse at what Samuel and his team have been cranking out, take a look at our visual effects "sizzle reel," Apocalypse.

We'll have another update for you soon as we get closer to finishing up on Part 1 of the film, so keep those hailing frequencies open!

As always... thanks for your support and your patience.

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