• Mark Naccarato

From the Edit Bay on St. Patrick's Day!

While all kinds of folks were wearing green and drinking beer, editor extraordinaire Denise Kerlikowske and I toiled over seemingly unending streams of pixels and megabytes as we put the finishing touches on the TRW trailer titled "Freedom".

The "Freedom" trailer, which we expect to drop in about three weeks, will be the first official trailer that we'll be releasing publicly since it lays out the setting of our story using Star Trek characters that audiences are familiar with. We hope you enjoy it as much as folks enjoyed our teaser trailer The Untold Story.

Later this week, Denise and I - along with the infamous TRW Admiral's Club - are going to be filming a promotional video with one of our actors, Ethan Jones, who is prominently featured in the "Freedom" trailer. In real life, Ethan is a huge Star Trek fan and it's always fun to kick it w/ a fellow Trekkie/er! So yes, this is a way busy week as we gear up for the Indiegogo campaign launch which is coming the first week of April.

Oh and did I mention that tomorrow's my birthday? Jeez, between today's day-long edit session and thinking about how old I am... I think I'm ready for a drink now. Preferably one that's GREEN!

Hailing frequencies closed, and LLAP!

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